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Chile's Top 9 National Parks

There are a whopping 36 Chilean National Parks covering around 35,294 square miles. When you add in the 12 Natural Reserves and 5 Natural Monuments, that’s over 54,000 square miles of land protected by the National Forest Corporation (CONAF), which is 19% of the country’s total territory. Here’s a look at our picks for nine of the top Chilean National Parks to visit:

9 Places to See Endangered Sea Turtles in Latin America

For most travelers, spotting an endangered sea turtle or two turns into the highlight of any trip. Luckily, most species (except for the elusive leatherback) return to the very same beach on which they were hatched in order to lay their own eggs. This predictability makes knowing when and where to see them much easier. But it has also played a role in endangering sea turtles to increased poaching and other human conflicts.


A Brief Guide to Costa Rica Birds

Costa Rica is relatively tiny, as countries go. With a total area of around 19,700 square miles, it’s smaller than the state of West Virginia. That’s precisely what makes the ecotourism hotspot’s legendary biodiversity – which includes approximately 894 species of Costa Rica birds – so impressive.

Guide to Galapagos Birdlife

The Galapagos Islands have their fair share of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, from Sea Lions and Sea Turtles to Galapagos Tortoises and Land Iguanas.

But it also features 56 native bird species – 45 of which are endemic and 11 of which are indigenous – as well as 29 migratory species. These sea birds, shore birds and land birds have been a highlight ever since the days of Charles Darwin’s famous
Voyage of the Beagle.