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Botswana, Namibia & Zambia: 3 Emerging Destinations for a Southern Africa Safari

When it comes to safaris, old standbys such as Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania tend to end up on most wildlife lovers’ bucket lists. But as Africa becomes increasingly accessible to travelers, numerous lesser-known destinations are emerging as ecotourism hotspots. In our eyes, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia are all the burgeoning breakout destinations for a Southern African safari. Read on to discover a few reasons why…

New Amazon Animals Discovered! Plus 3 Ways to See the River’s Wondrous Wildlife

Over the last decade or so, the environmental news coming out of Brazil has been full of heartbreaking reports about deforestation, water pollution, and a broad range of threats endangering countless Amazon animals. So the conservation community was surprised and elated by recent news of a 2-year scientific study, which found that the Brazilian Amazon is so full of life that new species of flora or fauna were being discovered every other day on average.

9 Places to See Endangered Sea Turtles in Latin America

For most travelers, spotting an endangered sea turtle or two turns into the highlight of any trip. Luckily, most species (except for the elusive leatherback) return to the very same beach on which they were hatched in order to lay their own eggs. This predictability makes knowing when and where to see them much easier. But it has also played a role in endangering sea turtles to increased poaching and other human conflicts.


The Peruvian Amazon: 8 Great Reasons to Visit the Rainforest

From Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to colonial cities such as Cusco and Lima, Peru has no shortage of tourist attractions. But the Peruvian Amazon is easily the biggest of them all, encompassing approximately 60% of the country. The fourth largest rainforest in the world, the Peruvian Amazon boasts remarkable biodiversity. In terms of flora, the area has 700 types of ferns and more than 7,300 different species of flowering plants. The rainforest is also home to some 180 reptiles, 262 amphibians, 293 mammals, 697 fish, 806 birds, and 2,500 butterflies.

Wildlife Safari Guide: 7 Must-See Places

Derived from the Swahili word for journey, a safari is defined as an expedition to observe animals in their natural habitat. The wildlife safari was invented in the 1830s by Victorian-era traveler William Cornwallis Harris, and later popularized by authors such as Jules Verne (Five Weeks in a Balloon) and Ernest Hemingway (“The Snows of Kilimanjaro”).

Top 10 National Parks of India

The national parks of India are treasure troves for nature lovers, containing a wide range of geographical and climatic diversity. Within India’s boundaries you can find the soaring Himalayan mountain range, the lush rainforests of the Western Ghats, the arid Thar Desert, and 4,600 miles of coastline. Though the forest cover in India is only at about 22%, the subcontinent is home to about 10% of the world’s species.

Chile's Top 9 National Parks

There are a whopping 36 Chilean National Parks covering around 35,294 square miles. When you add in the 12 Natural Reserves and 5 Natural Monuments, that’s over 54,000 square miles of land protected by the National Forest Corporation (CONAF), which is 19% of the country’s total territory. Here’s a look at our picks for nine of the top Chilean National Parks to visit: