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International Expeditions has the tools to make your social media marketing easy! Keep reading for suggested tweets, Facebook posts and even blog material that will keep your clients engaged AND ensure you look like a true authority on nature travel.


Suggested Tweets

Share IE’s great voyage values with your Twitter followers. All you have to do is copy, paste and share! Here are some easy suggested tweets:

  • Don't miss the boat! Small-ship #Cuba cruises aboard @IEtravel's 46-guest yachts are filling quickly! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for details.

  • Is Cuba calling your name? @IEtravel offers THREE distinct (& legal!) options to explore via land or cruise! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for details.
  • No single supplement on small-ship Amazon River, Galapagos Islands & Cuba cruises! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for details.

  • Insider’s Tip: Store cameras in the bathroom so you don't fog-up the internal lenses.

Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great way to engage your best travelers. Here are just a few suggestions for great posts that are sure to get your fans talking. Hint: Fill-in the blank questions are great for encouraging comments.

Keep checking back often for new suggestions.

  • Where will your next passport stamp come from?
  • What was the first country you visited?
  • What country has the best beaches?
  • What airline has the best in-flight entertainment options?
  • What is the one place you’d love to visit…but haven’t yet?
  • New York? Paris? LA? What is the best city for a weekend getaway?
  • The thing I hate the most about air travel is _________ .

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Blog Posts

International Expeditions is happy to pass along posts on wildlife, travel tips and more that you can use on your blog and e-newsletters. Here is a sampling of what we have available to see more visit our IE Journal blog. Contact Emily Harley for more information.

Top 10 Things To Do in Ecuador

Despite its small size (around 110,000 square miles), Ecuador(link sends e-mail) is one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. There are an incredible array of things to do on an Ecuador tour, with sights, activities and attractions to suit just about any travel style.  

From the Amazon River Basin and Andes Mountains to the Galapagos Islands, the country offers a wide variety of ecosystems within its borders. Their relative proximity makes it fairly easy to see a number of Ecuador’s finest natural and historical attractions in a fairly short time.

As a result, narrowing down a list of the best things to do in Ecuador is a bit of a task. 

Wines of Chile and Argentina

In Chile, the main wine-producing regions are the Colchagua Valley, the Aconcagua Valley and the Maipo Valley. The largest wine region in Argentina is Mendoza, followed by La Rioja (which, curiously, is also a winemaking region in Spain), Salta and San Juan.

International Expeditions has two distinct options combining wine and wildlife in these spectacular countries! Here is a brief overview of where to taste the best wines of Chile and Argentina.

Travel With Kids: 7 Wonderful Wildlife Experiences Designed for Families

Travel is notoriously great for education and bringing families closer together. But it also helps kids to become less fearful, more outgoing and gregarious. By encouraging our children to get out of their comfort zones, explore new places and try new things, we help them develop tools that will prepare them for a healthier, happier, more vibrant adulthood.

Here are seven great family tours that IE has to offer for parents and grandparents who travel with kids, all geared towards those who love nature and wildlife.