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We really love to hear from our guests. Below are some quotes from past travelers. Have a story you'd like to share? Drop us a line at [email protected].

About The Amazon Voyage

“We loved the excursions, the wildlife, visiting the schools, walking in the canopy and music. We are your best advertisement! We had a wonderful time. “
– Andrea Hanson of Vancouver, Washington

“This voyage changed my life. It will remain in our memories for as long as we live.”
– Thomas C. Thompson of Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Our hundreds of photos and recordings of the jungle will help keep the Amazon ‘alive’ in our minds as one of the most extraordinary adventures.”
– Tina DeAngelis & Robert McCone of Wilmington, Delaware

"Every aspect of the voyage was well-planned and stress free for us. All of the hassles of traveling were gone. We were able to experience the Amazon rainforest — something most people only dream about."
– Monica M. DeGrauwe of Clinton, Illinois

"What a wonderful way to get a 'taste' of the planet's greatest river and life along her banks. Your knowledgeable guides and crew made each day an adventure for learning and fun."
– Lynda Leslie of Kerrville, Texas

“We were impressed with the natural history knowledge of the guides – all birds were identified. Also their knowledge of geography and local culture was great. The Peruvians aboard our ship were some of the most caring people we have ever been around on any trip and we’ve traveled to 40 countries. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for you… and always with a smile.”
– Jill Knaak and Mary Burns of Arvada, Colorado

About The Galapagos Islands

“I loved the fact that I was living in a ‘science lab’ for a week of my adult life. The hands-on learning, the contact with the animals, birds and reptiles, and the lectures — it was so stimulating and fascinating to me!”
– Diana Muller of Weston, Connecticut

“I found the naturalists very well versed with an abundance of information that I found fascinating. My cabin on the Evolution was spacious... cheery and very comfortable. I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
– Joan M. Zeller of East Greenwich, Rhode Island

"This trip was a fantastic experience!! The Galapagos is such a magical and beautiful place, getting to do it all with such a great guide and crew made something incredible even better! I can't wait to do it all again!"
– Laura Langley of Santa Barbara

"Swimming with the sea lions was one of the most unforgettable highlights of the Galapagos trip."
– John Newman

“Our expectations were high and they were all exceeded.”
– Gregory Schmidt of Madison, Wisconsin

“We are still sorting out our 2,000 pictures! The trip was fabulous, the crew terrific... great camaraderie developed with fellow passengers.”
– Sandy and Kurt Hasselman of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

“Boli is the best of the best! He showed concern and compassion, and his passion for his home – Well done!”
– Cynthia Cero of Big Canoe, Georgia

About Machu Pichu

“It was the trip of a lifetime, leaving us in awe of both past and present Peru – its cultures, physical beauty and lovely people.”
– David and Grace Popkin of Northampton, Massachusetts

“The Machu Picchu extension was outstanding and way exceeded my expectations.”
– Bruce Kelley of Tega Cay, South Carolina

About Costa Rica

“We were very impressed by the beauty of the country, its wonderful wildlife… and the genuine friendliness of the people.”

– Alfredo and Natalia Garcia of Tully, New York

"The beauty was the lush plants, beautiful birds, flowers and within the hearts of those who served us, much respect was shown to their country and to us as tourists. I was especially impressed with the friendliness and respect the young people showed with no asking on our part."
– John Tracht of Huron, Ohio

"As with our first trip we were treated royally."
– Judith Freedman of Ridgway, Pennslyvania

About Brazil Pantanal

“Going on your expedition to the Pantanal was an experience of a lifetime. Everyone would benefit from seeing such an extraordinary place.”
– Erin McMath of Onley, Virginia

“Our Expedition Leader Regina was constantly working to make our trip memorable. She never stopped trying to find one more sighting for us.”
– Pat & Jack of Casselberry, Inverness, Florida

“The helicopter flight capped off the trip – WOW! It could not have ended on a higher note.”
– Fred and Lorelyn Koehler of Orange, California

“We were astounded at all the wildlife we saw (in the Pantanal). Imagine seeing a baby tapir running through a field at night; a baby giant anteater riding on its mother’s back; and 14 baby jabiru storks following their dad – we saw all that!”
– Lisa Hudson of Marietta, Georgia

"Regina is a knowledgeable excellent naturalist, knows the hanits and habitats of the animals, which increased our sightings. She is able to recognize and describe a very impressive number of birds. Regina helped to make the whole trip a great one!"
– Diana Howard of Carson City, Nevada

About Kenya & Tanzania

"It was an educational and inspiring adventure. The beauty of the people, landscapes and animals was intensified by the extraordinary insight of our guide."
– Barbara S. Lebin of Geneva, Illinois

"This trip was nearly perfect... I only wish it could have lasted longer! Our guide was first-rate, and members of the group were congenial, interested, curious and fun. I miss Kenya and our group."
– Annette Gililland of Seatle, Washington

"I would consider this trip to be the highlight of my traveling life. It was a stunning, unforgettable experience."
– Dorothy Kohler of Calverton, New York

"This safari was more than we expected or hoped for in terms of wildlife, accommodations, friendships and exposure to the country and its people."
– Doris Speicher of Emerald Isle, North Carolina

“Your safari guides are well informed, humorous, courteous, interested and, whenever we needed an answer, they were willing to research and get back to us. Thank you for a wonderful safari experience. We observed every animal in its environment that we hoped to see. Your guides were A+ in their cultural interpretation and naturalist skills."
– Ree Hoffman Edwards of Atlanta, GA