Puma in Torres del Paine

Patagonia: Pumas, Penguins & Whales

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Puma in Torres del Paine

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Patagonia: Pumas, Penguins & Whales

International Expeditions’ wildlife-focused Patagonia tour is crafted with special opportunities to observe three iconic species of Patagonian wildlife. Explore the magnificent landscapes of southern Torres del Paine National Park to looking for puma. Continue your quest on the mythic island of Tierra del Fuego, reaching the world’s most accessible colony of the stunning King Penguin. As a grand finale of this unique wildlife expedition, discover Carlos III Island and its summer visitors, the gentle and sociable humpback whale. Your small group of no more than eight guests is accompanied by an accomplished naturalist guide, who looks after every aspect of your vacation.

Torres Del Paine

Frequently praised by visitors from all over the world as one of Earth’s most beautiful and majestic wild places, Torres del Paine National Park is a remote refuge, where wildlife is normally quite tame. It’s not rare to see relaxed and inquisitive guanacos, foxes and other animals at close quarters; seeing the lone hunter that dwells in the vast and barren hills, the mighty Puma, is something else. This first section of our three-prong quest has been geared to seek out and contemplate this big and elegant cat in one the wildest places throughout its entire range in the Continent.

Penguins at Porvenir

The King penguin is the second largest species of penguin after the Emperor and certainly one of the most colorful and attractive members of the group. The second part of our journey takes us to see these magnificent seabirds in their natural habitat. Few places in the world offer good access and chances to see them in the wild like Useless Bay in Tierra del Fuego, making this, the only continental American breeding colony, a very special one indeed.

Carlos III Island 

The rich waters of Carlos III Island, located at the heart of the recently established Francisco Coloane Marine Park in the mythic Straits of Magellan, are home to humpback whales. See these imposing creatures and other marine mammals of the subantarctic region at close quarters, as well as a good diversity of seabirds. Also, we will visit remote penguin colonies as well as other seabirds’ rookeries. We will be based one night at San Isidro Lodge, located besides the homonymous historic lighthouse, and two nights at the domes of the research facilities at Carlos III Island, the perfect location to see the Humpbacks and marvel at their social behavior and feeding techniques.

The sample itinerary below can be customized to take full-advantage of your travel time and interests.



Trip Highlights

  • Explore Torres del Paine National Park to search for Magellanic woodpeckers, Andean condors, and with luck, the elusive puma.
  • Photograph a variety of iconic vistas— craggy snow-dusted pinnacles and peaks, densely forested ridges, and turquoise lakes.
  • Visit one of the world's most accessible king penguin colonies at Porvenir.