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IE guest with tribe in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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IE guest with tribe in Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea

Deep in the rainforested, highland basins of Papua New Guinea, the tongues and traditions of tribes as old as time caress the face of a secluded country — still steeped in mysticism and striking color. Join this Papua New Guinea adventure in one of the most remote and intriguing destinations in the world. On our Papua New Guinea tour, you venture into backwaters and lakes of the Sepik River; meet the Huli “wigmen,“ whose first contact with the outside world was in the 1930s; and discover the astounding bird life — birds of paradise, cassowaries, lorikeets and cockatoos.

Discover Untamed Nature & Culture

Our Papua New Guinea adventure takes in one of the most remote and intriguing destinations in the world. A land of startling contrasts and images, where scattered tribes and villages speaking over 700 languages are engulfed by this untamed country of awe-inspiring mountains, lush lowlands and tropical vegetation. Best described with superlatives, the astounding bird life — birds of paradise, bowerbirds, cassowaries, Victoria crowned pigeons, lorikeets, kookaburras and cockatoos — combines with the human spectacles for an astounding display.

A Papua New Guinea Tour with Magical Mount Hagen

There are few if any human spectacles in the world that can match the gathering of tribes at Papua New Guinea’s highland “sing-sings.” In costumes dripping with beads, decorations and intricate body paint, the people sing out their individual beliefs and rituals. Each year, only a few explorers are lucky enough to visit the show. IE is one of only a few tour companies with guaranteed seating arrangements (and we’re in a nice, shady location!). 

Daily Itinerary

Papua New Guinea Itinerary

  • Day

    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

    Fly to Port Moresby, and enjoy an afternoon at leisure. Spend tonight at the Airways Hotel.

  • Day

    Sepik River Cruise

    Spend three nights exploring the tributaries of the Sepik River aboard the Sepik Spirit. Explore remote black-water lakes, calling on villages and learning about traditional artwork, including traditional masks, elaborately carved hooks, ancestral figures, hand drums and baskets. Visit the village of Mumeri, home to a remote tribe whose way of life has been untouched for centuries. In this general region famed anthropologist Margaret Mead conducted her pioneering work in the 1930s. Tour the Mindimbit villages, home to a remote tribe known for their spectacular carvings and elaborate coming-of-age rituals. Enjoy three nights aboard the Sepik Spirit. (B,L,D Daily)

  • Day


    Discover one of the country’s most unspoiled areas. Meet the local people, learning how they live with the land and how it molds their lives. They still live as they have for generations ― rituals, sing-sings, storytelling, food gathering and preparation. Visit jungle waterways, home to huge lichen and vine-festooned trees, masses of brilliant flame flowers and orchids. See bountiful bird life along the rivers and nearby lakes.  Spend the next two nights of our Papua New Guinea tour at Karawari Lodge in the middle of “Arambak” country — one of the most remote and unspoiled areas of Papua New Guinea. (B,L,D Daily)

  • Day

    Tari Valley

    Fly over rugged and impressive landscapes to Tari. Meet the famous Huli wigmen, known for their yellow-painted faces and elaborate wigs adorned with the colorful feathers of birds of paradise. Stroll along forest paths, past roaring waterfalls and over traditional bridges, watching for some of the area’s incredible 13 species of birds of paradise, as well as numerous orchid species. Enjoy three nights at the award-winning Ambua Lodge. (B,L,D Daily)

  • Day

    Tari / Mount Hagen

    Transfer to the airport for your charter flight to Mount Hagen, this spectacular flight crosses over vast tracts of highlands and some of the tallest mountains in the country. Mount Hagen Town is in the upper Waghi Valley—where there is the oldest evidence of agriculture in the world. Check in to Rondon Ridge Lodge, perched high on Mount Kuta, with unbelievable views of the Wahgi Valley. Spend the afternoon exploring along the lodge’s vast network of forest trails searching for ten species of birds of paradise, along with numerous orchid species. (B,L,D)

  • Day

    Mount Hagen

    In preparation for the Mount Hagen Cultural Show, attend a briefing to help you better understand and appreciate the wonderful spectacle you will witness the following day. (B,L,D)

  • Day

    Mount Hagen / Port Moresby

    Spend a full day at the spectacular Mount Hagen Show, famed for its color, culture and vibrancy. Fifty different groups in distinct tribal attire compete for significant prizes by performing tribal songs and dances, and sharing their traditions and legends. The diversity of the coastal, lowland and highlands sing-sing groups reflects the incredible diversity of Papua New Guinea. Spend two nights at Airways Hotel. (B,L,D Daily)

  • Day

    Port Moresby

    Today, visit the Parliament House and the National Museum which, houses artifacts from around the country. In the Nature Park discover Papua New Guinea’s diverse flora and fauna during a guided tour.  (B,L,D)

  • Day

    Port Moresby / Depart

    Board your independent flight home.

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