Cuba's Vinales Valley

North America & the Caribbean

Cuba's Vinales Valley
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Close to home yet miles from ordinary, International Expeditions' in-depth tours to the remote regions of North America and the sultry island of Cuba are truly transformative. From kayaking among beluga whales north of the Arctic Circle to dancing to Cuba's sultry salsa rhythms, IE offers you immersive, small-group experiences to absorb the culture, cuisine and environments of North America.

Places We Visit In North America & the Caribbean

Wildlife in North America & the Caribbean

Cuban Parrot

The Cuban Parrot is characterized by its green body, white upper face, red lower face and neck, and blue on its primary wing feathers. These parrots are large, growing up to 33cm long in adulthood. Not only can it be found in Cuba, but also other Caribbean spots such as the Bahamas and Cayman Islands. This parrot can be most commonly found in Cuba on the Zapata peninsula, but also dotted around south central and western areas. The species is thought to be in decline, but stable, with around 10,000 pairs left in Cuba.

Cuban trogron

Cuban Trogon

As Cuba’s national bird, the Cuban Trogon is a must-see.

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