African Safari Vehicle in Kenya


African Safari Vehicle in Kenya

Under a boundless sapphire sky, legendary herds move through Kenya like an undulating blanket into the horizon. The silence surrounding a lone acacia tree may be broken by the lifting song of a single, colorful bird or scattered by the splashing of hooves across the river. East Africa awaits travelers with a symphony of sights and sounds, igniting the sences and stimulating the imagination like nowhere else on Earth. 

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Our Conservation Efforts in Kenya

Kenya: East African Wildlife Society

IE is a corporate sponsor for the East African Wildlife Society. Founded in 1956, the Society's mission is to promote the conservation and use of East Africa's wildlife and environment.

Engaging Maasai Villagers in the Mara

The Travel Foundation's Masai Mara Project works with Maasai villagers in the Mara to increase their involvement and income from tourism on their land, as well as providing for greater village infr

10 Simple Green Travel Tips

Once upon a time, responsible travel essentially boiled down to the old adage, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

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