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Nature travel may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Europe, but then Iceland may not be what you think of with Europe either.  With IE, come explore the awe-inspiring, diverse landscapes of Iceland. Our two distinct itineraries showcase Icelandic seasonal experiences.  Come stimulate your senses with the natural beauty, culture and history of this enchanting island! 

Places We Visit In Europe

Ready to experience what Europe has to offer?

Our Conservation Efforts in Europe

Araucaria forests of Chiloe Island, Chile

The Nature Conservancy & Adventure Travel Brands Unveil Partnership to Protect the Planet

With over 36 years of nature travel experience, International Expeditions has been committed to the tenets of responsible tourism from the very beginning.

Partnering with The Nature Conservancy to Protect & Inspire

Frolic among curious wildlife in the Galapagos Islands; absorb the daily drama of life on the African Savannah; and join us in protecting the lands and waters on which all life depends.

5 Ways That Responsible Travel Is a Cure for Overtourism

A new era: Eco-tourism and responsible travel