India's national bird, the peacock

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India's national bird, the peacock
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Some destinations seem layered with an abundance of natural beauty, culture, wildlife, tradition and history. International Expeditions' multi-faceted India tours and Asian adventures expose countries of startling contrasts and indescribable lure. And while these countries may be vastly different, each journey bears the same hallmarks — passionate guides, focus on natural and cultural history, and comfortable accommodations of an IE expedition, ensuring you discover the true nature of Asia. 

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Asian Elephant

The Asian elephant is smaller than the African variety, with smaller ears and a larger trunk. Like the cow, the elephant is considered sacred in India. One of India's most beloved gods, Ganesh, is elephant-headed, and elephants are used in religious rituals throughout India. In Jaipur, there is an Elephant Festival held each year on Holi, and in Kerala a spring festival called Thrissur Pooram features an astonishing display of elephants decorated with gold trappings.

Indian Leopards

Another one of the big cats found in India, the leopard roams all over the subcontinent in large numbers. It’s extremely good at adapting to a wide variety of habitats, and is a skillful and stealthy hunter. Though populous, leopards are highly elusive and hard to spot without an experienced guide. Both Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks are great places to see them in the wild. Leopards – especially the mysterious and rarely-seen snow leopards – feature in many local myths and stories.

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