Stunning landscape of Mendoza


Stunning landscape of Mendoza

It’s easy to fall in love with Argentina, which seems alive with passion and bursting with beauty. This huge South American country spans the extremes: Fiery deserts sprawl across the north, lush pastures and vineyards rule its center, and the south is a jagged, jaw-dropping land of rock and ice. 

Whether you want to savor the rich cuisine and famed wines of Argentina while being immersed in the country's deep cultural traditions or survey Argentina’s startling biodiversity, journeying from the marshlands of Ibera and rainforests of Iguazu to arid steppes of Patagonia International Expeditions has the Argentina tour for you. 

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Our Conservation Efforts in Argentina

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10 Simple Green Travel Tips

Once upon a time, responsible travel essentially boiled down to the old adage, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

Conservation in Argentina

Argentina is a land of contrasts. Stretching out over a million square miles, the landscape ranges from arid desert to soaring mountains, from lush grasslands to glaciers as big as cities.