Thick Amazon jungle

The Amazon

Thick Amazon jungle

Surrounding frontier cities, tribal villages and the world's mightiest river is the vast rainforest - a vibrant tangle of trees, vines, plants and animals that hums with life. This is Earth's greatest wilderness, a place where the sheer number of species baffles the mind of casual observers content to just skim the surface of this lavish jungle. International Expeditions pioneered travel to the Peruvian Amazon, training guides and developing premier itineraries so you enjoy the best possible experience along the Amazon River.

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Our Conservation Efforts in The Amazon

Would You Drink Water From the Amazon River?

As part of our on-going partnership with the Peruvian NGO CONAPAC, International Expeditions

Bringing Clean Water to Cedro Isla

Through the generosity of IE guests, this summer every family and school room in the small village of Cedro Isla, Peru was given a Sawyer point-of-use water filtration system during a special Amazon cruise.

10 Simple Green Travel Tips

Once upon a time, responsible travel essentially boiled down to the old adage, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

The Peruvian Amazon: 10 Great Reasons to Visit the Rainforest

From Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to colonial cities such as Cusco and Lima, Peru has no shortage of tourist attractions.