Lion cubs in Tanzania

Africa & the Middle East

Lion cubs in Tanzania
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Travel to Africa is a life-enriching event, encompassing a variety of natural and cultural wonders, the kind of adventure you can only experience with the World Leader in Nature Travel. This land has always enraptured the spirit of those who probed into its rich, historic tapestry. The same scenes that have fired the imaginations of visitors and explorers — lions keeping watch over their prey, and thousands of zebras dashing wildly across the Mara River sparked a trailblazing spirit within International Expeditions decades ago. Drawing on our experience and expertise, we invite you to embrace the intriguing wildlife, ancient tribal cultures and enduring landscapes of Africa.

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Wildlife in Africa & the Middle East

Southwest African Lion

The Southwest African Lion is one of the largest lion subspecies. Their bodies and fur tend to be of a singular color, lacking the rosettes and stripes common among tigers, leopards and jaguars. While not under the immediate threat of extinction, their population has been dwindling as habitat loss threatens the land they once roamed, and hunting is destroying their natural prey.


Did you know that hippos have a "T" shaped pupil, which allows them to see above and below water at the same time? But that is not the only fascinating fact about the hippo's specialized eyes. Hippos can see under the water with excellent precision, and a clear layer of membrane protects their eyes from underwater debris.

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Our Conservation Efforts in Africa & the Middle East

A Maasai Welcome to Kenya

Black Rhino Conservation in Namibia

Black rhinos are gentle giants — herbivores who do not kill except in self-defense.

10 Simple Green Travel Tips

Once upon a time, responsible travel essentially boiled down to the old adage, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

Conservation in Namibia

Massive sand dunes stretch towards the sky. Skeleton-like dead trees provide striking contrast to surreal scenery drenched in deep orange hues.

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