International Expeditions was thrilled to welcome World Wide Will from MedjetAssist on a recent Galapagos Islands adventure cruise aboard the Evolution. Now Will shares his adventure!

Get caught up with DAY 1 and DAY 2 of Will's Galapagos Islands vacation.

"Ever find yourself daydreaming about turquoise water lapping over a stark white sandy beach? You know the dream I’m talking about. You’re completely alone, toes digging into fine sand and a temperate Sun warming you from the outside in. The sounds of sea lions playing in the distance, barking at each other and splashing in the cool surf, are carried in on salty sea breezes. An old straw-hat shades your eyes as you gaze out onto a landscape painted by more shades of blue than you ever knew existed. That dream, my friends, is how the day ends on Espanola."

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