Thanks to 11-year-old Sarah (pictured below with brother, Eli)  for sending in praise for her family Galapagos Islands cruise. We're happy to have shared the experience with such a young lover of wildlife!

I think our Galapagos trip was incredible. It was really fun and I learned a lot about the animals and the islands themselves. It was a great experience because most of the animals and birds are endemic, so you can’t see them anywhere else; so it is a once in a lifetime chance to spend time with them. The other thing that is so nice is that the animals and birds are not fearful, so you can get really close to them. I never imagined that I would swim with giant sea turtles, and a sea lion pup would nibble on my sandal! I hope I have a chance to return to visit these amazing islands again, and I recommend it to anyone who values and respects nature.