Why Travel to Iceland?


What contributes to Iceland’s popularity as a travel destination? We think it is contrast. Specifically, opportunities made possible because of beautiful, surprising contrasts.

Why visit Iceland Northern Lights 

Small in size but big in natural wonder, this island nation is both traditional and modern, lava and ice, lush and frozen, invigorating and relaxing and dramatically light and dark.  It is also near the top of the world, with unique, otherworldly landscapes, yet at only five hours from New York, not a world away.  It can be cold; yet not as cold as its name would suggest.  In fact, Iceland’s average winter temperatures are actually higher than New York and Chicago.

Tour Iceland see Gullfoss 

In this land of snowcapped peaks and glaciers, steaming hot springs, active volcanoes, impossibly blue ice caves, thunderous waterfalls and colorful wildlife, International Expeditions has found an open-air paradise, a destination for multiple seasons and two new and distinct, immersive itineraries to capture it all.  No “bucket list” is complete without Iceland and its spectacular features impress even the most worldly of visitors.
“Warm up” to Iceland by comparing your interests and desired activity level to our Winter Iceland Adventure and Iceland Awakening program options. Designed to take advantage of seasonal opportunities and carefully crafted for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and unforgettable memories, both dynamic options provide expert leadership for an in-depth look at Iceland’s natural history and culture.

Tour Iceland See Puffins

Looking for brightening days and emerging flora and fauna?  Excited by the prospect of seeing Iceland’s classic highlights, including a unique mixture of American and European migratory bird species during the yearly peak of their activity?  Iceland Awakening is for you!  At Lake Myvaten, the terrain is so unique, NASA used the area to train Apollo astronauts because the lava fields replicate otherworldly geography.  But somehow, amid these conditions also thrives a wildlife community, including the largest collection of bird species in all of Europe.

Why Tour Iceland Breaching humpback whale

In addition, Iceland is the perfect location for whale watching. Imagine the thrill of observing these majestic creatures in their natural environment alongside other marine life! From April through September over 20 species of Cetacea—including the Orca, Minke, Humpback and Blue Whale—can be seen in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans on either side of the island.

Horseback riding tour Iceland 

Interested instead in more physically engaging experiences? Take on Iceland’s riveting beauty and rugged landscapes with Winter Iceland Adventure! Be invigorated by activities such as venturing into the heart of Langjokull Glacier; exploring the hidden world of a lava cave; reaching otherwise inaccessible areas while whisking about on snowmobiles and 4 x 4 vehicles and enjoying the countryside atop an Icelandic horse.  Weather permitting, take a break from the action to observe the elusive, ethereal display of the Northern Lights dancing quietly across the starry sky.

Tour Iceland Fridheimar Farm Greenhouse

Whichever amazing Iceland journey is right for you, come experience the country for yourself to see why it’s such an attraction. Is it the eye-opening and breathtaking contrasts? The environmentally friendly and progressive structure?  A culture whose passion and pride permeates everything they do? Yes. Welcome to the magic that is Iceland.
Tour Iceland with International Expeditions!

Are you looking for “Wow Factor” for your next adventure? International Expeditions' NEW Winter Iceland tour  and Iceland Awakening tour are designed to survey diverse natural landscapes, Viking history and modern life as you enjoy invigorating excursions such as those described above.  Join us to see first-hand why this island is “hot” as a must-visit destination.