Who What When Where Why of InstaTravel

Who What When Where and Why of InstaTravel

Who What When Where Why of InstaTravel

Even for the most dedicated workaholic, vacations can be as relaxing as they are productive. The practice of rewarding the mind and body with a well-deserved sabbatical has been shown to relieve long-term stress, allow for more interpersonal development, and believe it or not - boost productivity.

In the early days of vacationing, taking time off from work to spend with family or friends was a rare activity typically reserved for the wealthy who could afford it. The closest the common people in European and what would later become the United States came to this same experience was a religious observance.

Today, the practice has been adopted by just about everyone, and the sabbaticals have become just as diverse as vacationers themselves.

How are people spending their time away from their jobs? Who are they spending it with? What locations do people dream about visiting? These questions are all answered in a study examining the modern vacationer’s favorite place to document their adventures - Instagram.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByTspUhDnCnTVW4yWEcycm04Ync?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByTspUhDnCnTVW4yWEcycm04Ync?usp=sharingMany adults recall early memories of long, tightly-packed family road trips – perhaps en route to theme parks, a relative’s house, or maybe a remote location in the sub-tropics. According to our study on the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of vacationing, the road trip crew hasn’t changed too much.

Instagram data reveals over half of the platform’s users report taking trips with family. Friends and significant others fall very far behind, both under 2 percent.

What Mode of Transportation are Vacationers Using to TravelSometimes, a break from a demanding office environment only requires a couple days to stretch the mind at home. But for full-blown vacations, a change of venue is often seen as the most effective way to enjoy one’s time off from the daily grind.

But the latter requires transportation, which for some is almost enjoyable as the destination itself.

How are vacationers reaching their points of interest? According to our data, the most common method is simply driving there. Almost half of Instagram users documenting their sabbaticals report using a car to travel, with just over 25 reporting a boat. Airplanes land in third place at 19.44 percent.

Incredibly, horses still make the list at 0.25 percent.

When are people traveling

When the workload reaches its zenith, there is no “bad time” to pack up and take a vacation. Nevertheless, there is a very clear consensus between Instagram users on when the best to travel is.

Summer and Winter dominate the vacation season, with the number of “vacation incidents” taking a nose dive between the months of January and April.

According to a graph compiled with Instagram data, vacations take a sharp uptick in April, appearing to skyrocket through August.

As the average person would expect, sunshine and warmth produce the irresistible desire to take a step back and explore the world…or at least the nearest beach.

Locales people are traveling to

While a trip to a coastline can certainly be all you need to maximize your vacation potential, it never hurts to dream big. Surprisingly, our data reveals people in the U.S. don’t have to dream too hard when picking a destination.

The top two tourist locations around the world include New York and Orlando, with San Francisco and Miami Beach arriving at numbers 7 and 8, respectively. Outside of America, favorites include Paris, Rome, and Singapore.

In the subtropical United States, the phrase “we live where you vacation” didn’t become a favorite by accident. Florida and New York state top the list again for preferred states to visit in America, followed by California and Hawaii.

Why people are vacationing

For some, taking an extended break might feel like a no-brainer. For others, vacations are a reward for milestone accomplishments, such as a graduation or retirement. However, neither of these are primary motivators.

According to our data, the number one reason people choose to leave the comfort of their homes, or perhaps the discomfort of their demanding lives, is because the rest of their family made this decision already.

Trailing family vacations are solidary adventures, with almost one in five Instagram users reporting a solo vacation.


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We scrapped twitter for over 17 million instagram posts during all of 2016 containing #vacation, and analyzed by location, date, and text.

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