Even for those used to greeting each day to the gently lilting songs of the local birdlife, waking up at Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Center is a one of a kind nature travel experience.

The sound of the crested oropendola is a jingling mix between a clicking washboard, sing-song chimes and a kazoo. Visitors who are lucky enough to visit the area during breeding or nesting seasons will hear the birds' unique calls as they find their partners or communicate messages of territory. During other times of the year, the bird is nearly silent.

Among the hundreds of other exotic and distinctive birds at this nature center, the crested oropendola stands out thanks to its stark black plumage and bright yellow tail that has two black central tail feathers. Birders will also notice its strong, conical bill that is a pale citron-yellow or ivory hue and its turquoise eyes.

This species has an extremely large range. And, since the population of crested oropendolas in Trinidad is stable, visitors to this region will likely enjoy this bird for years to come.

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