Traveling can take a lot out of a person, and vacationers may be wondering how to stay healthy on an ecological adventure. While every trip will be different based on region and time of year, there are a few things that you can do to make your nature travel expedition as healthy and pleasurable as possible.

First, and most obviously, keep up to date on any inoculations that may be required and/or recommended for particular regions of the world. Different regions foster different diseases, so it pays to be prepared. The best place to find these recommendations is the Center for Disease Control’s travel information site at

Likewise it pays to prepare by focusing your regular health regiment on cardiovascular fitness. Some adventures will involve trekking, or stops at high altitudes so the better shape one is in, the more comfortable these new surroundings will be.

Also remember to bring sunscreen and insect repellant whenever you go abroad. While you may be able to find these once you arrive, packing your own allows you to choose which product works best with your skin.

A rain jacket or poncho is a must. Whether exploring the wilds of Peru on an Amazon cruise or passing through Tarangire National Park on a Kenya and Tanzania safari, no one can predict the weather, and there's little worse than being stuck in the rain without cover.

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