Every year, travelers come to IE looking for experiences that that offer under-the-radar appeal and authentic connections to the local culture. In fact, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, 26% of all travelers are looking for adventure activities on vacation. As we strive to provide our guests with brag-worthy excursions — and be a true “life list” Sherpa for intrepid travelers — International Expeditions has put together four suggestions for your adventure “bucket list.”

Snorkel with sea lions, penguins and sharks...all at the same time

During IE’s Galapagos expedition cruise, you enjoy a singular opportunity to snorkel with curious and engaging marine life. While many people may not relish the idea of swimming just feet away from hammerheads and white-tipped reef sharks, nothing compares to splashing in the clear Pacific waters with curious, playful sea lions and Equator-bound penguins.

Camp on the last continent

Guests traveling to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions can take their polar adventure to the next level by camping on the “White Continent.” Outfitted with a bivy sac or tents designed for low temperatures, you fall asleep under the Antarctic stars to the music of calving icebergs and serenading penguins and seals.

Go to the dogs...the truffle dogs

Country Walkers’ guests in Italy look for clues such as certain types of trees, leaf litter, and amount of sunlight and moisture while on the hunt for truffles in Piedmont’s Alta Langa (Upper Langhe). Accompanied by an expert local truffle hunter and his dog, you learn the secrets of scouting for the delectable mushroom and sample Piedmont’s renowned Barolo.

Soar above the African plains

Aboard a hot-air balloon, you soar in the company of the rising sun and exotic birds, high above the watchful eyes of the “Big Five” in Kenya’s Masi Mara Reserve. Adding a hot-air balloon excursion to International Expeditions’ Kenya & Tanzania safari allows you a panorama of rolling plains and the roaming herds while gliding above the treetops.