Ruins are an integral part of the culture of Latin America. It's hard to take a trip to Latin America and not see some type of ruins. Some of the world's most famous ruins can be found in here, including the Inca ruins in and around Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza in Mexico. However, there is more to the ruins of Latin America. Below you'll find three ruins in Latin America that you may not be so familiar with, but are worth a visit on your next trip.

  1. Pisac, Peru. Pisac (pictured) is part of an array of ruins in and around the Cusco area. While many people head straight for Machu Picchu to view the Inca ruins, there are many other important nearby sites, including Pisac, which are just northeast of Cusco. The ruins are some of the most diverse in the area, featuring religious buildings, baths, fountains and other types of structures. The ruins include one of Peru's only remaining intihuatanas, which were once used as an astronomical observatory. The area is very hikable, providing an alternative to Machu Picchu.
  2. Cahal Pech, Belize. Cahal Pech is a Mayan town located in the Cayo District of Western Belize. The ruins are a couple thousand years old and include over 30 structures that include several plazas, a couple ball courts and an altar. The area provides a balance of nature and city since the ruins overlook the town of San Ignacio. The structures aren't as large as some Mayan ruins, making them manageable to navigate.
  3. Tiwanaku Ruins, Bolivia. Tiwanaku Ruins are unique because the general traveler probably doesn't think of Bolivia when they think of Latin American ruins. The pre-Columbian archaeological site is located in Western Bolivia, conveniently located close to the southeastern shore of Lake Titicaca, making it a formidable day trip from the lake. The ruins are considered to have been an ancient city and ceremonial site. While parts of Tiwanaku have yet to be uncovered and restored, there are still much of the ruins that have been excavated and are accessible to visitors.

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