No one travels to Costa Rica to see the same species they encounter in their backyard…which is good since Costa Rica is one of Earth’s richest displays of biodiversity!

“We were so impressed by the beauty of the lush plants, beautiful birds, flowers and the friendliness within the hearts of those who served us, much respect was shown to their country and to us as tourists,” said Costa Rica tour guest John Tracht of Huron, Ohio.

Although this tiny Central American country covers less than 0.03 percent of the Earth's surface, it plays host to almost 5 percent of the globe's plant and animal species. In 2010, the country was awarded the 2010 Future Policy award at the global summit on biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan.
The award was given to the country for its 1998 biodiversity law, which was held up as an example for other nations to copy. Now, the nation continues its ecological pattern with the goal of becoming the first developing nation to meet United Nations biodiversity commitments.

Whether as a result of their conservation efforts — over 25 percent of the country is set aside for national parks and reserves — or other factors, Costa Rica is at no loss for interesting species. Travelers on International Expeditions’ Costa Rica tours may come across resplendent quetzals, "Jesus Christ” lizards, bromeliads or epiphytes.

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