International Expeditions CFO Elaine Woolsey just accompanied guests on our Wings Over the Nile journey. Follow the adventures of Elaine and her daughter Stephanie as they explore Egypt and Jordan.

Next we were off on our privately chartered plane heading south to Abu Simbel.  As our Dash-7 made its landing approach, I don’t think there was a single one of us that did not gasp when we saw the massive statues in the cliff face above Lake Nasser. This was my daughter Stephanie’s favorite site and understandably so.

Later this day we flew to Aswan and embarked the Nile River cruiser for the next four nights.  Stephanie and I very much enjoyed the style and ambiance of the Philae during our Nile cruise.  The staff were very friendly, efficient and entertaining, including the creative cabin stewards who liked to leave us surprises.  We had fun preparing for the galabaya night.  We certainly honed our bargaining skills, a must when you walk the gauntlet of local vendors – “$1, no hassle.”  I was offered 500 camels for my daughter — tempting!

IE staff at a teple during their Egypt vacationThe Aswan High Dam, Philae Island, Kom Ombo and Edfu were stops along our northern path, with more fascinating scenes, temples and history.  Then, Luxor!  The anticipation had been building for the Valley of the Kings and Stephanie and I were not disappointed.  Our personal favorite was the tomb of Ramses VI — worth every extra Egyptian Pound.  Also, seeing the tomb of King Tut was great preparation for what we would see in the Egyptian Museum upon our return to Cairo.

Topping off this busy day were the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, both impressive and exciting complexes. The area surrounding and between these two sites is being constantly excavated, with plans to restore the Avenue between the complexes and with hopes of locating the ancient palace believed to exist there (sounds like a return trip will be in my future).

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