Tales From the Road: Cusco's Festival of Corpus Christi


This week, International Expeditions Director of Operations, Tara, and Peru Destination Manager, Tracey, are exploring Peru's famed Sacred Valley and Cusco. Here are photos and a notes from their day in touring Cusco.

This morning we toured Qorikancha, The Cathedral and St. Catherine's Monasterio. Those are places you can't take pictures so you'll just have to one to Cusco and experience them yourself - don't worry I can help you with that. But the afternoon was spent watching the Festival of Corpus Christi.

In this festival participants make a pilgrimage to a sacred mountain where they give their offerings to the moon and the sun. Then they return to Cusco and carry their patron saints from their local churches through the streets to The Cathedral.

he city will be shut down tomorrow and then after eight more days of celebration everyone will carry their saints back to their churches with even more dancing and parties. This festival is a mixture of Incan and Catholic religion.

These boys are practicing and when they grow up they will carry the actual saint from their church.

How to Travel to Machu Picchu & Cusco

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