Discover Earth's most storied haven for curious wildlife as you walk in the footsteps of Darwin, snorkel in nutrient-rich Pacific waters, and experience enchanting Galapagos cruises that will forever change your definition of "wildlife interaction" - all under the guidance of International Expeditions' expert naturalist guides. As special treats, IE has added guest lecturer Joan Embery, a wildlife expert who you may know from her appearances on The Tonight Show, and we have added money-saving offers to both of our May departures.

Why Join IE’s Galapagos Voyages in May?

  • Daily hiking, swimming and snorkeling among curious wildlife while enjoying the archipelagos’ most pleasant weather. Average May high is just 82° and the average water temperature 76°.
  • With an open-air bar, hot tub, indoor and outdoor dining areas as well as two sun decks, you enjoy more open-air public space aboard the gracious 32-guest Evolution than aboard any other boat!
  • May is when the waved albatrosses, marine iguanas and land iguanas are nesting, and giant tortoises are laying eggs in the wild.
  • Fantastic savings! Save $500 per person off the May 2 departure or $1,000 per person off the May 30 cruise!  

Heeeeeere’s Joan!

Dedicated animal and environmental advocate Joan Embery (shown above on IE's Amazon RIver cruise) is joining the May 2 departure as a special guest lecturer. Joan has served as a champion of conservation issues, most notably as spokeswoman for the Zoological Society of San Diego and founder of her own non-profit foundation. Joan has made hundreds of TV appearances from PBS’s Nature to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Space is limited and all cabins on January-April departures have already filled. Reserve your cabin today at 800-234-9620