Of the myriad species spotted on Galapagos Islands cruises, most travelers expect to see rare and exotic species of sea turtles. Now it seems that the days when vacationers could see the ancient Pinta tortoise could be numbered, as the species has dwindled down to a single representative.

Conservationists are not about to let this interesting and beautiful species go without a fight, however, as many have begun the search for a suitable mate for the last Pinta tortoise, Lonesome George.

George, a 100-year old reptile from the Galapagos Island of Pinta, has recently been introduced to two new females of similar tortoise species in the hopes that one or perhaps both will catch his eye and propagate the Pinta line. It is only recently that authorities have accepted that George is the last member of his species.

"We're always sending out letters to see if there might be one out there, somewhere," George's main caretaker, Fausto Llerena, told the Washington Post. "But all the searches have been in vain."

Travelers interested in catching a glimpse of this rare creature can visit his adopted home on the Galapagos Island of Santa Cruz, where his enclosure is a part of the Charles Darwin Research Station.

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