Thick Amazon jungle

Room with a River View

Thick Amazon jungle

International Expeditions staff member Emily shares photos and memories taken during her Amazon tour. 

When choosing accommodations, do you look for a great view or a stellar location? How about a room that offers both? It was morning #2 on my Amazon River cruise, and I had yet to fully take advantage of my jungle-adjacent, private balcony. Amazon Star is the only riverboat on the Amazon offering a private balcony for every cabin, and this is the perfect place to watch the river pass and get to know the locals. This became my retreat before afternoon excursions to simply sit and think - something that I rarely get to do with a full-time job and young kids!

Helpful hint: The riverboat's small size and large windows offer an intimate view of life along the river; however, area fishermen often paddle past in their dug-out canoes during early morning fishing excursions. Please close your curtains accordingly!

What do you look for when choosing a vacation spot: location, view or both? Let us know by leaving a comment below.