As International Expeditions searches for the next great nature travel adventure, Bill Robison, IE Director of Program Development, often has the “difficult” task of scouting a county for the best naturalist guides, hotels and to uncover extraordinary experiences for our guests. Here we get Bill’s impressions and photos as he researches IE’s new Indonesia cruise and Bali tour options.

Day 1
“Just a few more hours and I'm off to a land of astounding biodiversity and almost as many different cultures as there are islands — Indonesia! For the next two weeks I'll be seeing wild orangutans in Sumatra, sailing the waters from Bali to Komodo, and exploring the lesser-visited and wildlife-rich Bali Barat. I have a world-class expert on the local flora and fauna (including the human cultures) meeting me in Jakarta to lay out plans for offering in-depth natural history and exotic culture programs into this magnificent country.”

Day 3
“Finally in Jakarta. I had an amazing dinner at Tugu Dapur Babah with our Javanese friends, and tomorrow I'm off to Sumatra to see wild orangutans. I was amazed to hear at dinner that Indonesia is planning many new ports for ships and airport upgrades all over the country — great news for those who want to explore one of the world's most diverse places. I also go the inside information on a few exclusive wildlife experiences and new lodging near existing parks with great nature. So many new places are coming on the's going to be hard to choose from so many wonders!”

Day 5

“Back from the wilds of northern Sumatra! Very remote region...and it was worth it. During my Sumatra tour I observed lots of Thomas Leaf monkeys, some long-tailed macaques and the big headliner — orangutans! This little lady and her baby came down to check us out while a little older baby stuck closer to out of arm's reach. I'm no photographer, but I hope you like this photo. I also found some smaller wildlife… I had a few geckos in my room at the ecolodge! These geckos may have ‘barked’ a little, but none of them spoke with an English accent or tried to sell me car insurance. I travel to Bali tomorrow...”