International Expeditions' staff member Emily Harley talks about her "happy place" - a small spit of white-sand beach on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, where she went on a custom Costa Rica tour 

The beach is not a foreign place to my small family. Every opportunity we get, my husband, son and I head down I-65 to the Gulf of Mexico. There is not much in the way of surf, but there is sand and sun and water and a lovely sense of relaxation that keeps us coming back year after year. But this year we decided to spend our week somewhere different and our delightful Custom Travel Planner Sarah put together a special Costa Rica tour that included something for everyone. I wanted the rainforest. My husband wanted adventure. What we found was a combination of both. But for my family, there is no place as special as the photo to the right. It is our "private" happy place. As three of just a dozen guests at Hotel Capitan Suizo, we were quickly spoiled by the gracious staff while relaxing on cushy beach chairs and braving the waves of this surfing hot spot. From the private bungalow (rooms are also available), it was just steps to the beach, where loungers, a hammock, boogie boards and even ping-pong were waiting.  You can see our complete itinerary here.