Considering that most of us only associate penguins with the frozen tundra, imagine how surprised people were in Lima, Peru, recently when a penguin lost its way and took to the city streets. The endangered Humboldt penguin, waddled from the beach into Peru’s bustling capital. Police have taken the penguin into custody and he is now a local celebrity.

Dubbed Tomas by locals, he became separated from his fellow penguins and found himself wandering the beaches of the Lima, the Peruvian capital.

Picked up by police not long after, Tomas was taken to a local station where authorities have been keeping a close eye on him.

During his stay, officials were able to determine that Tomas is a Humboldt, a species of penguin native to the coasts of Chile and Peru.

Tomas is expected to be reunited with his colony on an island off Peru shortly.

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