Araucaria forests of Chiloe Island, Chile

Our Conservation Mission

Araucaria forests of Chiloe Island, Chile

In 1980, International Expeditions began offering natural history focused travel to the Amazon rainforest. In little time, we realized that — in order to sustain travel to this intricate ecosystem — we would need to demonstrate the value of an intact ecosystem to the local people, who spend much of their life battling against the encroaching rainforest in this harsh environment. Education and community was, and remains, the heart of our conservation mission.

Our mission is creating a partnership — not dependency — so that the communities and people we work with are empowered. Working with locals on the ground in the countries we explore gives our team an insider’s perspective on the daily challenges of life in Earth’s wildest ecosystems. This understanding and partnership helps us create effective, long-term health and education solutions that ensure lasting opportunity for local people while conserving local environments.

Responsible tour operators like International Expeditions, working in partnership with our guests, can be a driving force behind conservation and education efforts aimed at stabilizing fragile environments. Tourists spend $200 billion in developing countries every year. Inspired by your adventure and the warm, inviting people you encounter, you too can join IE to have a positive, sustainable impact in the places we explore.

To honor our guests’ contributions to worldwide conservation, health and education, International Expeditions will match guest contributions up to $50,000 each year.