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Must Read: The World on a Plate

Finch Bay Galapagos food and drink

"When we eat, we travel"

"When we eat, we travel.”

That’s the mindset of British writer, intrepid eater and Guardian Food editor Mina Holland, and it’s the motive behind her debut book The World on a Plate: 40 Cuisines, 100 Recipes and the Stories Behind Them.

To Holland, authentic, local cuisine is the best way to experience a place. The geography, history and spirit of a locale are often contained in its iconic food, with ingredients that typify the land and preparation that’s been shaped by historical necessity (like the pasty or the French baguette). Very often, she explains, the meals we eat abroad stick in our memories just as well (or better) than the places we browse. Those priceless paintings at the Louvre? Mostly forgotten. But not the almond pastries, the wine and the fresh cream! Those, you can practically still taste.

With this in mind, Holland journeys the world in 100 recipes, writing accessible, article-length synopses that take complicated culinary traditions and gradually reduce them into a few mouth-watering recipes. She treats 40 places with anecdotes, bits of history… and the occasional bad joke. Along the way are sidebars on key ingredients: pimenton, salt cod, rice, chili pepper, corn and cassava, to name a few. And while Holland gives much-deserved attention to food-loving countries like France, Spain and Italy (each of these receives region-by-region treatment) she also spices her book with countries that don’t commonly appear on travelers’ bucket lists like Iran, Korea and Ethiopia.

Holland has a gift for making complex cooking very accessible, and her book would be a good read for the culinary curious, travelers eager to relive past journeys, or anyone wishing to be transported across the map in a single bite.