Bolivar Sanchez

Meet the Expert: Bolivar Sanchez

Bolivar Sanchez

Where are you from and where have you lived?

I am from the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

Tell us about yourself—what path led you to becoming an IE leader?

I grew up in the Galapagos islands and my father was involved in the tourist business in the beginning of the tour operation in the Galapagos Islands, he had his own little boat to take hippies and backpackers back around the islands in the late 70s and early 80s, so I was put on a boat at an early age and started to love the outdoors, swimming, snorkeling, beach time, etc. I also love horses and cows because my family has a farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz, so boats and horses are my a couple of my favorite things. Later, I studied environmental science and started working doing what I love the most, travel, nature, and adventure. My true passion is travel and adventure.

What other jobs, positions or credentials do you have?

I am Naturalist Guide in the Galapagos Islands and I worked for an insurance company CIA (Cityzens Insurance of America) for a few years. 

What other fields are you passionate about?

I like the natural sciences in general, and I am very passionate about the marine environment, sustaninable fisheries, and marine conservation.

Do you have any awards, publications, appearances documentaries etc.?

I have been part of a documentary for BBC Summer Destination and I also in some magazines like Yachting.

What excites you (or what do you enjoy) about working for IE?

I love working with IE because they take you to remote and untouched destinations, areas where you can be in close contact with nature, and that is priceless.

What is your favorite IE memory?

Every trip is an adventure and every trip provides wonderful memories that last forever, however some of my favorites are—watching a sea lion being born in the Galapagos Islands; watching Aldabra tortoises walking down the beach; and snorkeling with hammerhead sharks and penguis in the Galapagos Islands.

Can you tell us about a time that you were on an expedition that ended up taking an unexpected turn or made an unexpected discovery that took you off the planned trail?

Every expediton is a new adventure, nature always has a surprise and we always take advantage of it. If anything unexpected happens while sailing around, for example if whales or dolphin show up, we stop our vessel and take the time to enjoy them.

What non-for-profits or causes do you support or feel strongly about?

I support conservation and being involved with the Galapagos for so many years I support the Darwin Station.

What are your top three countries or regions in the world to explore?

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Alaska, and Patagonia.

What’s left on your explorer’s bucket list/where do you still want to go that you haven’t been yet?

Africa, Greenland, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

What does being a part of the IE family mean to you?   

It means family, great companies that truly care about you and at the same time provides wonderful nature experiences in remote areas of our planet.

Who is the IE Explorer/Traveler? 

People willing not only to travel but to live a learning experience that will remain in their mind and hearts forever. Also, people who are looking for special isolated places where nature remains pristine.