Whether it's crossing the Serengeti on a Kenya and Tanzania safari or flying through the canopy on a zip line tour of Costa Rica, travelers visiting exotic natural environments are going to want to take a few snapshots to help them remember their journey. Yet while booking nature travel is simple, getting a toco toucan to pose for a photo can be exceedingly difficult. For those amateur shutterbugs who are hoping to come home with a photographic record of their exciting excursion, the best advice is to stay calm and keep quiet.

It's important to remember that many animals are naturally afraid of people, especially when one approaches them while standing upright. Centuries of hunting have made most animals rather cautious when it comes to humans, and spooking them can only lead to two things: Either the animal escapes, or it attacks – and you won't want either.

Daring photogs dying for a close-up will want to crouch or lay flat and approach their subject slowly and cautiously to avoid startling the animal. Try to keep silent as well, as even the slightest noise can send the critter scampering into the jungle, leaving you with nothing but a great shot of the local shrubbery.

Travelers may also want to invest in ranged photography equipment like telephoto lenses, as getting close to some animals may be more trouble than it's worth.

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