African Safari Vehicle in Kenya

Just Back from East Africa: IE President Van

African Safari Vehicle in Kenya

International Expeditions’ President Van Perry spent part of July in East Africa, hosting our small-group safari. Once back in the office, Van reflected on his first trip to Africa.


“This was my first safari, and it was an incredible experience to see not only the wildlife and people but also the surprising variety of ecosystems in such a relatively compact area. You can always read about the Great Migration, but to see hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras on the move is just awe-inspiring!

“I was excited for us to achieve a sighting of the Big 5 — lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino. Actually, our small group observed the Big 5 twice…maybe we’ll call it the Big 10. Unfortunately, we didn’t see all of the Little 5 — rhinoceros beetle, Buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise and ant lion — so I guess I’ll need to return. There were days that we lost count on the number of zebras, giraffes and hippos that we sighted.

“Our guides were incredibly well-versed on the wildlife. One day, as we were among a ‘small’ herd of a couple thousand wildebeest, our guide said, 'Watch this male. He is about to lose his small herd of females.' They were in the open between the water and trees. He did not want them to go to the water for fear of losing them to another male. Our guide knew that within a few minutes the females would run for the water to get away, and directed our group to watch as the male wildebeest tried to corral his females. The sequence played out exactly as our guide predicted. Our inconsiderate male wildebeest lost his entire harem of 50 females in a matter of 10 minutes.

“Other memories are the little tails wagging straight up in the air as the warthogs ran away from a lion, and watching baboon troupes moving through the grass.

“A highlight for myself and everyone who elected to do the balloon safari was the view of the Masai Mara while floating over the treetops, seeing elephants along the river and drifting over hippo pools. The Champagne breakfast after landing in the middle of the Mara is also etched in my memory bank. We all had a chuckle out of the chef using hot air balloon burners to prepare the eggs and crepes!

“East Africa is truly one of the world's epic destinations, and I would honestly encourage anyone who has ever considered Africa to make sure they take those steps to go. You will not be disappointed!"