Having traveled on multiple IE adventures, I know that our guests are a truly savvy group with a wealth of advice on everything from navigating security to finding the perfect luggage. On the IE Facebook page we asked our travelers this question: 

What is your best tip for first-time adventure/expedition travelers?

Here is some of the best advice. And don't forget to weigh-in with your adventure travel tips in the comments section below.

Keep an open mind. The less you expect something to be a certain way the better the experience...this is especially true when traveling to Asia for the first time...or even the second, third or fourth :) Go with the flow of the native people. "When in Rome..." - Shannon W.

Email copies of all of your hotel & transportation itenerary and invoices AS WELL as the photo page of your passport to your self. In addition, carry two sets of copies of these with your on your journey. When asked for identification by local officials, present the copies instead of the originals first. Bureaucrats commonly loose or steal identity documents.. A valid U.S. passport can be worth thousands on the black market.- John L.

Pack light and follow locals you can trust. - John M.

Be flexible. William D.

Read about where you are going, copy all documents, have an open mind with few expectations, pack lightly, relax and enjoy. - Jackie R.