One of the biggest perks of working at International Expeditions is traveling to some of the world's most fascinating places. In the past year, our staff members have explored Peru, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cuba and Indonesia. So we asked these savvy travelers:

If you could fly to one destination tomorrow what would it be?

Here is what the IE staff has to say.

Sonjia Smith, Accounting (pictured right on our Amazon River cruise)
"I would fly to the Galapagos Islands tomorrow if I could! First I would see Boli of course. But also, to me, it’s the best place for a unique wildlife adventure. Getting to experience the animals with their fearless dispositions would be an adventure of a lifetime!"

Sarah Meffert, Associate Director of Sales
"I would fly to Kenya and divide my time between Lewa Downs and the Masai Mara. The wildlife in East Africa is incredible and being there brings such a sense of peace. I can’t think of any better place to escape to and leave the day to day stress of our hectic lives behind, and truly appreciate just being a part of the big picture!"

Charlie Boyd, Art Director
"I would travel to Patagonia because it's fall there now, the weather is nice and I could go for some wide-open landscapes. I'd like to meet up with Claudio and Rodrigo, get a car and drive to Torres del Paine to look for pumas, take photos and hike. Drink some good wine and eat some good seafood."

Elaine Woolsey, CFO
"Africa. It is the last 'big one' on my list. Specifically, I'd like to get to Kenya and Tanzania."

Tara Ellison, Director of Operations
"If I HAD to fly somewhere tomorrow, I would fly to Kenya and join our Kenya and Tanzania safari. It would be my first time on safari and I think that is about the only thing that could take me away from my granddaughter, who is only six days old. It would still be a really tough decision!"

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