IE Galapagos Islands cruise guest and journalist Julie Hatfield spent the last week exploring the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador with our knowledgeable guides, and was good enough to share her impressions of "Darwin's Enchanted Isles."

"They loll around the harbors and spoon together the same way we do when we sleep, even to the same way we belch and cough. But it’s obvious that in the Galapagos, sea lions rule.

"We’ve come here at the beginning of April to join a group of visitors on the M/V Evolution, which will take us to nine different islands of this archipelago 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

"An unexpected advantage of this voyage is the fact that 13 members of the Massachusetts Audubon Society are part of our 28-member group, which means that we will be able to see some of the amazing birds here on the islands through the sharp eyes of experienced birders who not only see birds with their sharp eyes, but know what they’re looking for and are extremely excited to add a large group to their life lists."

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