At International Expeditions, we're always thrilled to hear about the wonderful experiences our guests' had during their journeys. So, we were especially excited to read this poem written by Amazon Riverboat cruise  guest Lucy Allison!

We’ve had a week of wondrous sights On Amatista with her crew. Exciting days and peaceful nights, And friendships made with all of you.

Each morning on the skiffs we went In search of birds and mammals too. So many happy hours were spent, Our days were filled with much to view.

One evening Pepe made a find, And caught a caiman; he was proud! I’m not quite sure as to what kind, He showed it off to all the crowd.

It was, while we were up a creek Watching a sloth curled in a tree, That Jorge gave out the loudest shriek And leapt across “What could it be?”

Discarding shoes he then took charge, And dived right in to find its head. They pulled and pulled – it was so large “An anaconda”, he then said.

Amazon cruise guests release turtles into the wildJorge took the head and Pepe tail, Its body was so very long, 15 feet and it is female, “Her pheromones are very strong!”

Open mouthed we watch the sight Of our brave boys with this huge snake. With all their strength they won the fight, And posed for camera shots to take.

Some baby turtles we then took To give them freedom and to pray, So after taking one last look, We set them free to swim away.

One jungle walk provided us With more excitement, when Jorge spied A viper which caused quite a fuss, “Watch out, it’s deadly” he then cried!

Our village visits showed us how The river people spend their days. Jorge must surely change to teaching now, He thrilled the children with his ways!

The fishing trip was not so good. The piranhas did not take our bait. The rain then came and so we could Not stay too long – the band won’t wait!

A different band played every night While we sipped Machete’s drinks. The Chunky Monkees were a sight, The Amazon Rap was best, me thinks.

The final day was our last chance To see and hear the wildlife call. The band then played, and we all danced. A great finale had by all.

Jorge’s saying “Hello my Dears” Is what we’ll miss when we are gone. But we’ll all have ringing in our ears “Do you want to have just one more song?!!”

And now it’s time for us to say “Goodbye, Adios to all of you. We’ll hope to meet another day. To Jorge, Hernando and the Crew.”