Trying the regional dishes is one of the most fun – and tasty – ways to be immersed in the local culture when you travel. That’s why International Expeditions includes excursions to local restaurants and meals at leisure during our itineraries. Recently, our Costa Rica tour naturalist Jonathan Sequeira told us about one of the most frequently asked guest questions during meals out: “What’s this sauce?”

Many Costa Rican dishes are prepared with Salsa Lizano, a Costa Rican condiment developed in 1920. Used when cooking and always on the table for adding some extra flavor, the sauce is slightly sweet with a hint of spiciness from black pepper and cumin. Not only is the sauce used to marinate meat, it is commonly used with gallo pinto, a breakfast dish composed of pre-cooked rice and beans fried together, and on everything from tamales, cheese and rice to even eggs for an extra dash of flavor. So what does the name mean? This thin, light brown sauce was originally created and sold by the Lizano Company and “salsa” means sauce in Spanish.

What are your favorite Costa Rican foods?


creative commons imageImage: believekevin