One of our past guests and loyal travelers, Bob Safay, has been generous enough to share this video of his Galapagos photo expedition. A native of Atlanta, GA, Bob is a passionate traveler, as well as a skillful nature photographer and videographer. Bob and his wife, Nancy, have been on five trips with IE, including several pre- and post-trip extensions.

We took a photographic expedition to the Galapagos and were very glad we did.  Our photographer was great, he was a teacher as well as a photographer. His helpful hints enhanced our video of the trip. In the evenings he would give lectures on editing photos as well as camera techniques. This was a long time wish for both of us and it didn't disappoint. Our boat, the Evolution, was very comfortable,  holding 32 passengers.  One of the reasons we prefer to travel with IE is the small groups and personal service. As always, the food was wonderful and plentiful. One night we had roast pig which is a specialty and was outstanding. Our guides were knowledgeable and friendly, having grown up in the islands they had lots of extra stories to share with us. They had great pride in the islands as well as an extensive understanding of the flora and fauna. The excursions in the pangas were very exciting.

The complete difference between wildlife from island to island was fascinating. We had read about it, but seeing it made it very obvious. The sheer numbers of birds, sea lions and iguanas was mind boggling. To be able to get that close to so many animals is truly a wildlife photographer's dream.  Snorkeling really gave us a different perspective and playing with the sea lions and seeing the sea turtles was great fun. I guess one of the most interesting things was seeing the penguins, something we had never thought to see so close to the equator. The birds were totally indifferent to our being there. They might have a nest in the middle of the path and would regard us with boredom as we detoured around them. Of course, this made for great filming.  The guides were very patient with photographers, giving them ample time to get that perfect shot.  This trip was a dream come true.