IE was fortunate to welcome guest Kathryn Lamb and her father, both from London, aboard our Galapagos Islands cruise. Kathryn was good enough to share her daily diary and photos from their Galapagos vacation.

Today we were at North Seymour where we took a hike and saw all the wildlife we had seen over the course of the week in one place which was fantastic! So we took advantage and made sure we took plenty of photographs!

This afternoon we went to Santa Cruz — Black Turtle Cove — and took a panga ride through the mangroves swamps where we saw more rays, turtles, herons, frigatebirds, pelicans.

It was then back on board for a farewell cocktail and dinner. It’s hard to believe this was our last night! The Evolution crew worked tirelessly to ensure the itinerary stayed on schedule; prepared fantastic meals including local Ecuadorian delicacies and ensured there was a cocktail waiting for us each evening when we returned from our adventures...always very welcomed!

This morning we arrived in San Cristobal where we began our adventure in the Galapagos and transferred to the airport to board a plane back to Guayaquil. In the evening a few of us went back to the Blue Snail restaurant for a final Ecuadorian meal. The restaurant was very hospitable and gave the table a complimentary bottle of champagne which was the perfect ending to a wonderful trip!

Sunday & Monday
This morning we said good bye to our fellow travelers after an amazing trip and departed Guayaquil via Miami to London Heathrow. Once we got home, it was time for some welcomed sleep!

My last thoughts: Each day during our Galapagos Islands cruise, the ship would call at a different island where we had the opportunity to see something new and experience another wow factor! The diversity of wildlife on the islands was incredible with no two islands alike. It wasn’t just land wildlife we enjoyed but a whole host of marine life too, including turtles, rays, iguanas, white tip reef sharks, dolphins, penguins, and sally light foot crabs. But the icing on the cake (and a very rare experience too) had to be the sighting of a blue whale which was just breathtaking. The International Expeditions naturalists made the trip even more enjoyable through their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for promoting & preserving the islands.