IE was fortunate to welcome guest Kathryn Lamb and her father, both from London, aboard our Galapagos Voyage. Kathryn was good enough to share her daily diary and photos from their Galapagos vacation.

Catch up with the rest of Kathryn’s Trip Diary:

Today the ship anchored in Genovesa (Tower). We visited Prince Philip’s Steps in the morning where we saw an abundance of red-footed boobies and more blue-footed boobies which were very comical! There were also frigatebirds and the males have an ingenious mating ritual and puff out their red chests like a balloon to try and attract the female birds. Amazing to watch! We also saw many lava lizards

Some of us went snorkeling again in search of hammerhead sharks but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Nevertheless it proved quite an eventful snorkel as a number of people got stung by jellyfish including the ship’s doctor and my Dad! Fortunately the doctor came to the rescue with vinegar to ease the sting and they were fine after a few hours!

This afternoon we watched a very interesting movie about Charles Darwin, his life and theory. Afterwards we headed out onto Darwin’s Bay Beach where we saw plenty of bird life including many frigatebirds. There was a also a very comical male sea lion who seemed to be very intrigued by the group and in his curiosity decided to chase one lady a few feet before collapsing on the sand to rest which was very funny!

We arrived on Fernandina (Narborough) – Punta Espinosa which had the most recent volcanic activity in 2009. Here we walked on the flat rocky trail seeing many marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. There were two tide pools where we saw some sting rays, eagle rays and turtles. There were a couple of baby sea lions which looked like they had been abandoned by their mother as were very malnourished which was sad to see.

This afternoon we went to Isabela (Albemarle) - Tagus Cove and enjoyed a brilliant snorkel where the visibility was crystal clear seeing two turtles and an eagle ray which was stunning. Afterwards we went on a panga ride and saw more blue-footed boobies, penguins and pelicans.