Everyone at IE loves hearing feedback from our guests! And while many travelers know that they'll love the wildlife and landscapes they encounter on one of our adventures, it is most often the staff who earns the highest praise. So it was no surprise when Februrary 22, 2013 Galapagos Islands cruise guests Mary & Giff Ewing shared this note about how much they were touched by the naturalist guides and crew aboard the M/V Evolution.

“I am amazed at how hard your entire team works to assure a unique and comfortable experience for every one of your guests. I observed acts of kindness by your staff towards guests that will forever remain in my memory. A few people were physically limited for some of the activities, but the staff and crew aboard the M/V Evolution encouraged them to participate in any activities that they felt were safe for them and not too strenuous.

"I observed one woman in particular change into a true stand out. Thanks to the constant care and monitoring of the ship’s doctor, this woman was much improved by the end of the trip. I watched her grow with confidence, because she had a team supporting her along the way. By the end of the trip she was a 'standout' personality and I think my favorite photo will always be of her with the owner of the coffee and sugar cane farm in Santa Cruz. Her smile was genuine — and Boli and company put it there. That was the testament to the International Expeditions commitment that every individual on the trip have the best possible experience.

“I will certainly recommend International Expeditions to anyone considering a trip to the Galapagos. From the delicious food to the incredibly friendly and attentive staff, my husband and I really did have the trip of a lifetime.”