International Expeditions’ 30th Anniversary issue of Environs – our nature travel guide – is now in the mail! In keeping with our longstanding commitment to doing our part for a greener world, we’ve taken steps to ensure our annual catalog is as eco-friendly as possible.

  • We’ve condensed our tour information and added more details to the IE Travel web, allowing us to reduce our publication by almost 50 pages.
  • This year we’re also reducing the number of catalogs we mail out, using less paper for printing and reducing the energy and gas required to process and deliver Environs.
  • Environs is produced using Forest Stewardship Council-certified papers and environmentally friendly inks. (Learn More about the FSC)
  • Environs was printed on state-of-the-art equipment that functions more efficiently and uses less paper and ink during production.
  • Any incorrect address are sent to us via Electronic Return Service, an extra step that saves energy and processing by not having the physical brochure returned to us if an address is undeliverable.