While Earth Day may only be celebrated on April 22, everyone at International Expeditions is a firm believer in celebrating the world EVERY day. And while many people may still think that adding Earth-friendly practices into your daily life can cost both time and money, our staff compiled a list of six tips that will help our planet without costing you a dime.

  • Recycle your breakfast scraps. Used coffee grounds and eggshells can be mixed into your potting soil or spread over plants for a great fertilizer.
  • Turn off the car.  Did you know that an hour of idling uses as much as a half-gallon of gas? Turning your car off in the car pool line, when stopped by a train or any time when you'll be idling for more than two minutes reduces pollution and saves your gas money.
  • Strip it. Your coffee pot and chargers leech energy all day. So plug small appliances and cell-phone chargers into a power strip and turn it off when not in use – a great way to reduce energy usage and cost.
  • Bag and save. You already know how awful plastic bags are for the environment. In fact, there is a trash island twice the size of Texas floating off the California coast that is 80% plastic! Gross. Many stores are giving you a credit for bringing your own cloth shopping bag instead of using plastic.
  • Share. Instead of subscribing to a dozen magazines or buying a new beach read, share with a friend, check-out your local library or purchase the e-book version (which also saves you some cask).
  • Mug-to-go: Carry a mug wherever you go for take out beverages. Local coffee shops may even offer you a small discount and – like our favorite shop around the corner – a special shelf for your mug. They keep it clean and mark the size!

What are a few of the easy things you do to help reduce waste and save money? Let us know in the comments below.