Peru certainly doesn’t lack for world-class restaurants and its renowned chefs and fresh cuisine are making this country a “must see” destination for foodies. But a few, rare experiences stand out for those who want to combine a memorable meal in Lima with a survey of Peru’s pre-Inca history.

Treat yourself to a divine meal and taste of history at Huaca Pucllana. Your fresh ceviche or chifa — Peru’s version of Chinese food — is only topped by the view of a pre-Inca temple complex! This is the perfect way to relax before or after our Peru tours.

The Site

Turn the corner of Avenue Larco Herrera and a huge, mud-brick pyramid seems towers above the balconies and homes of this nondescript residential neighborhood. Archaeologists are still working on this site, which dates back to at least the 4th century, hundreds of years before the Inca. Originally, the complex stretched over 16 acres and included multiple smaller pyramids. Recent findings include mummies, and a small on-site museum highlights pottery and other artifacts.

The Meal

Nestled at the edge of the complex is an airy, open restaurant provides a lovely oasis with a view of the temple and the Miraflores skyline. I’m alone with my guide on the breezy patio, free to walk around for views of the complex and to eavesdrop on the guided tours. A refreshing Pisco sour and trout tapas starts our lunch, which includes a ceviche appetizer and paiche – a local fish – with mashed potatoes and sweet sauce for our main course. For dessert, I chose a lacuma mouse. Guests from IE’s Amazon cruises will recognize lacuma as one of our most popular ice cream flavors. This rainforest fruit has a light, almost caramel flavoring. 

Insider’s Tip: While dinner is a popular time to dine at Huaca Pucllana, we suggest visiting at lunch. The crowds are lighter and you enjoy a more intimate experience at the complex. Make a morning of the experience by starting your day browsing at the nearby Indian Market for handicrafts before the 15-minute walk through Miraflores to Huana Pucllana.

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