If you're flying the friendly skies during the month of April, flip to page 70 and read the feature, "Islands Apart." In this entertaining and succinctly narrated article, Sky Executive Editor Sarah Elbert details her Galapagos Islands adventure cruise aboard International Expeditions' M/V Evolution from her trip in January 2010.  The rich photos and personality driven narrative transport you inside Elbert's own Galapagos Islands adventure. She writes, "Certain places and experiences have the power to take away our stress, but also to cut through our armor of adult decorum and reach the place where we feel free to cheer, 'Look, a penguin!' Or subtly brag about seeing a hammerhead shark."

As for her Galapagos experience aboard M/V Evolution, Elbert writes, "The Evolution embodied casual comfort, with spacious, well-appointed rooms and public areas, and the staff was accessible, helpful, and friendly."

For yet another insider's look at "the living laboratory that inspired Charles Darwin back in the 1800s," check out Elbert's own pictures from the Galapagos trip on deltaskymag.com.