Hiking, Biking & Kayaking on Vancouver Island

A Day in the Life – Beautiful British Columbia

Hiking, Biking & Kayaking on Vancouver Island

An active adventurer and globetrotter, Product Development Director Jon Nicholson has more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry; he has visited all seven continents and is an avid cyclist and distance runner, having completed more than 150 full and half marathons. Jon’s expertise has been crucial in creating our new unique blend of active and cultural experiences, and he often goes out on scouting trips, so he can assure guests have a perfect and unforgettable adventure. 

Jon Nicholson Expedition Planner

“What’s exciting about Motion’s itineraries is that you get to mix multi-sports with unique, local experiences,” Jon said. “Every trip will offer hiking and cycling with the potential for other sports. These trips are for people who not only love to travel, but who also like to stay active in their daily life.”

Here’s a brief day in time recounting Jon’s recent scouting trip for Motion’s Beautiful British Columbia itinerary.

7:00 AM – Rose early for a delicious breakfast of locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients, and soaked in stunning views of the ocean and surrounding mountains from the comfort of the hotel restaurant.

8:30 AM – Went for a coastal walk and reveled in the rugged beauty of Canada’s southwestern coastline and kept an eye out for bald eagles, herons, and other wildlife.

Spot Bald Eagles and seabirds at Sooke Harbour

10:30 AM – Set off on an invigorating 20-mile bike ride along a trail that explored the area’s coastline, lush forest, and small, seaside towns.  

12:30 PM – Stopped at a cider house for some delicious tastings, a private tour with the brewmaster, and a freshly-prepared lunch.

1:30 PM – Climbed back onto the bicycle for a short ride to the port.

2:30 PM – Boarded a boat for some whale watching in the sparkling blue bay. Killer whales are the most commonly spotted species here, but we also kept a lookout for humpback, minke and grey whales, which are occasionally spotted in these waters.

Gulf Islands whale watching

6:00 PM – Checked into a comfortable boutique hotel with modern amenities and settled in for a relaxing evening.

Sooke Harbour House Vancouver Island Resort

7:00 PM – Enjoyed a dinner of locally sourced ingredients and local wines at the hotel’s restaurant.

9:30 PM – Went to bed early to prepare for the following day’s action-packed itinerary.  

“What I loved about scouting for this trip was the abundance of activities and the rugged beauty along the way,” Jon said. “I learned things about the region that I never knew before, and I’m thrilled that we will be able to offer this exceptional blend of physical and cultural experiences to active travelers.”

Even though these adventures are for active travelers, don’t fret if you’re not a marathoner like Jon. While activities are active, they are still set at a pace that allows you to enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way. Hiking and cycling are often along roads or trails, and there are generally options for shorter or longer hikes and bicycle rides. Even sea kayaking is available for all levels—from beginner to advanced.

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