One of the last remaining wild frontiers, Patagonia is a beautiful and natural expanse of land that expands across the southern tip of South America, incorporating both Argentina and Chile.

It is commonly accepted that Magellan named the region to reflect the notable height and big feet of the natives he encountered. The word “pata” in Spanish means “foot.” And while the region’s name may not translate to the wonders travelers can expect to encounter, Patagonia encompasses a broad mixture of natural landscapes and native animals that have made ecotravel to the region popular.

Vacationers will find a number of astonishing sites during their Patagonia expedition, though few are more memorable than a visit to the penguin colony at Otway Sound.

Otway sound is a large inland bay that lies in a great valley between the Brunswick Peninsula and Riesco Island in southern Chile. It is connected to the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Magellan, giving the region an impressive collection of marine life.

It is this wide assortment of fish and sea creatures that serves to sustain the region's sizable population of Magellanic penguins. These sea birds bear the familiar black and white coloring of their more familiar cousins but feature two black strips along the chest that help distinguish the species. Averaging just over two-feet tall, Magellanic penguins are also the largest of the warm weather penguins. During nesting season, these penguins nest in underground burrows.

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