Amazon luxury riverboat, Zafiro

Combine Expertise, Wilderness & Luxury on the Amazon Voyage!

Amazon luxury riverboat, Zafiro

Beginning in 2018, International Expeditions has chartered the luxury vessel Zafiro for its signature Amazon River cruises. Zafiro blends a variety of state-of-the-art features with flawless design and just 19 elegantly appointed suites, providing IE’s most upscale river cruise ever. Here’s an in-depth look at the intimate experience the Zafiro offers visitors to the mighty Amazon River.

Zafiro riverboat

Communal Spaces

The Zafiro’s design is the first thing you’ll notice when coming aboard the ship. Loungers on the Observation Deck allow guests to lie back and soak in the lush, verdant scenery, which is interspersed with remote communities perched along the riverbank and local fishermen going about their daily business.

For a further taste of indulgence, sink into Zafiro’s outdoor Jacuzzi and slip into relaxation mode, which is perfect after you’ve had a long day of exploring. There are also indoor lounges to take a break in, providing lots of space for guests to come and go as they please. The décor is all inspired by the era of the first expeditions to the Amazon. Handicrafts made by indigenous local communities offer a hint of the traditional alongside the contemporary feel.

Zafiro Outdoor Deck

If you need further space to unwind, this luxury Amazon cruise ship’s on-board spa offers a variety of treatments to help you feel completely pampered. Treat yourself to a massage or an aromatherapy session with the ship’s wellness specialists, who are there to make you feel totally at peace. Spa treatments can also be requested in-suite for a more intimate calming experience.

If you’re more of a get-up-and-go type, there’s also an exercise room. Keep up with your usual fitness routine on the vessel’s treadmill or stationary bike, with the added bonus of stunning views across the Amazon River while you work out.

Zafiro Master Suite

Zafiro’s Luxurious Suites

A range of suites are available on the riverboat to accommodate every kind of traveler. King-sized beds are standard in all suites, so that everyone on board can slumber soundly. But they can also be converted into twin beds if necessary.  The showstoppers in every suite are the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer an unadulterated picture of the fascinating surroundings while also providing your own sense of personal space.

Zafiro Suite private balcony

The Zafiro Suite boasts 180° panoramic views, its own private Jacuzzi, and a private balcony. The ship’s eight Upper Deck Suites also come with balconies so you can sit outside and savor the sunshine with your morning coffee. Modern furnishings in every room create a comfortable, fresh space to come back to each night after your thrilling days exploring the stunning nature and wildlife of the Amazon.

Peruvian cuisine onboard Zafiro

Luxury Amazon Cruise Dining

The food served aboard Zafiro derives culinary influences from the world’s biggest jungle. The ingredients you’ll find on the ship’s menu are sourced from the Amazon as much as possible, with exotic fruits and regional produce playing a starring role in many of the best dishes. Try some Amazon Putanesca Chicken with crispy pandisho seeds, or some Doncella (a fish from the area) prepared as a zingy ceviche. Designed by chef Miguel Alonso Hernández, the creative menu prides itself on fusion dishes that combines the timeless ingredients of the Amazon with decidedly modern twists.

Breakfast buffet onboard Zafiro

Tuck into the breakfast buffet in the morning for fresh passionfruit and papaya juice, or some Amazonian classics such as araza and camu camu. These are served alongside a broad range of breads, cheeses, meats, and other breakfast fare, plus tea and coffee. This is an ample spread designed to set you up perfectly for the always-exciting day ahead.

Zafiro excursion boat

Getting to Know Your Fellow Travelers

One of the truly special features you’ll discover while traveling on this small-ship cruise is the social experience it provides. Guests have ample opportunities to get to know their fellow travelers as well as their IE Expedition Leader and Zafiro’s expert local naturalists.

Your IE Expedition Leader will be with you from the minute you wake up at your hotel in Lima to the final moments of the voyage. Their job is to ensure that the tour goes seamlessly. When you’re with them on Zafiro, they’re always on-hand to answer any questions you might have. These leaders are not your average tour guides: They’re both Peru natives and experienced wildlife experts, with a deep and passionate knowledge of the flora and fauna of this fascinating region.

Birding on the Amazon

Each tour also has three local naturalists who accompany you during your seven nights on the river. These specialists are rainforest aficionados who have worked with some of the area’s top biologists, botanists and scientists. Collectively, the naturalists on Zafiro’s staff have more than eight decades of experience between them. These extraordinary individuals meet you at the airport in Iquitos and start teaching you about the Amazon on the journey to the ship, before you’ve even set foot on Zafiro. These skillful members accompany you on every excursion, join travelers for meals, and mingle after dinner on deck, too. They are essentially extensions of your tour group, always around for you to pick their brains and answer your burning questions. Some of them are even talented musicians and will happily entertain you with some traditional music at happy hour!

Zafiro is much more than just another luxury Amazon cruise ship. IE chartered this ship in order to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience blending one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems with luxury amenities. Every second you spend aboard will make you feel like you’re in an exclusive setting, offering an unbeatable perspective on the spellbinding Upper Amazon basin.